Student, Class of NERFS Team Members, 2022 Catalyze Klamath Challenge
    NERFS Team with Catalyze n InventOR award checks


    • Invent Oregon (InventOR) 2022 Collegiate Challenge (June 2022) – Third Place, Visionary Award, People’s Choice Award
    • Catalyze Klamath Challenge (April 2022) – People’s Choice Award, InventOR Award


    A multi-disciplinary team of innovative students presented their concept for a fully automated wildland fire fighting system at Oregon Tech’s 2022 Catalyze Klamath Challenge, which resulted in an invitation to compete at the statewide InventOR Challenge. 

    Modeling military technology, the NERFS team aims to place their systems throughout areas of Oregon with high-risk fire danger. This concept will have the ability to launch a fire-retardant mortar that disburses biodegradable liquid rounds within 90 seconds of spotting a wildfire. 

    Students from various disciplines have come together and are continuing to work on bringing their concept to fruition – from mechanical and software engineers to business and healthcare management – this team of inventors has their bases covered. 

    “I think this really speaks volumes about our project because we can gather so many people who are excited to work on this project that is really going to make an impact in our communities. Everyone (on the team) is an Oregonian. We all have felt the effects of wildfires around here, and everyone wants to jump in and help and use their expertise for good.” – Marcus Delamarter, Mechanical Engineering.

    Graeme Wiltrout, Team Lead, hopes to impact regaining control over Oregon forests, mitigate the financial burden caused by wildfires, and improve ecosystems for animals. 
    “Our next steps after InventOR will be making sure the system that we have built so far will actually be an effective solution before we move on to commercialization” – Graeme Wiltrout, Business Management Student and Project Lead.

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