Nicole Reyes
Student, Class of 2023
Fairfield, California

  Why did you choose Oregon Tech? 

I chose Oregon Tech because I fell in love with the size of the school, views, people, and community involvement and support for the volleyball team and Oregon Tech. When I came on my first visit to play volleyball, I felt very welcomed and at home here in Klamath Falls.

  What do you like best about your major? 

I like how hands-on the classes are and the small class sizes. The professors are very personable and know who you are, and you have classes with the same people throughout the years, so you have great peers to do homework and study with.

Nicole Reyes - Volleyball

  What is your favorite memory from Oregon Tech? 

My favorite memory from Oregon Tech is the volleyball game against Westmont this past season (2021 Fall). It was our NAIA National Tournament Opening Round, and we had record attendance for a volleyball game. The environment in the gym was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. When we got that last point to win the game, I knew we made history and that we were making a statement that Oregon Tech is a thriving volleyball program.

  What career do you hope to have after you graduate from Oregon Tech? 

I hope to do something with designing parts or anything like that using a solid modeling software like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Creo, Inventor, etc. I would like to stay in the Pacific Northwest and find a job that is very hands-on where I can create, design, and engineer objects.

  What clubs or activities are you involved with? What are some highlights of your involvement?

I got invited to join the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Society this year and have been attending meetings each term to talk about volunteering and fun ideas for the school. Freshman and sophomore year I was in Hawaiian Club here on campus to support my roommates who were in the club, and I helped with fundraisers and danced in their end of the year luau to celebrate the year. I am also in a Senior Project where a group of us are creating a volleyball launcher to help the Oregon Tech Volleyball Team be able to train on their own and improve their skill sets more efficiently.

  What would you say to the donor or donors who support Oregon Tech?
  What does their support mean to you? 

Thank you for everything that you do. It does not go unnoticed. The school and the volleyball team would not be where we are today if it weren’t for the donations and community support that we get from everybody. Your support helped us get the volleyball team to the NAIA National Tournament and helps the school get machines to keep our classes hands-on.