Student, Class of 2023

Extracurricular Activities
Besides studies, I work part-time, five days a week, at a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) firm in Klamath Falls. I also volunteer sometimes during the weekends.

A Little Bit About Me
I'm originally from India and moved to the U.S. with my family in the year 2017. I'm currently a senior at Oregon Tech and will be graduating this year with a bachelor's degree in accounting. Some of my hobbies are playing badminton, listening to music, singing, and drawing. My recent achievement at work is that I've been promoted from an intern to a staff accountant.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major
I chose Oregon Tech for my further studies because it is a very well famed college. I believe studying at Oregon Tech will lead to a plethora of opportunities in my life. In addition, it has a very well known business-accounting program. I hated numbers until my teacher motivated me in my sophomore year of high school. He helped me love math and working with numbers, from then I decided to have a future career where I would have to work with numbers, so I found accounting to be a good fit for me. At Oregon Tech, the average class size is between 10-15 students who are given a personalized education working alongside dedicated business faculty leaders. Oregon Tech helps prepare students for the CPA exam and it also has a good passing rate for the CPA exam. Moreover, 81% of accounting graduates are employed within six months after graduation. It also has great diversity on campus. Therefore I wanted to get my education at Oregon Tech.

My Influential Professors
One of my influential professors is Christopher Syrnyk, who is the Honors Program director. I have my honors seminar classes with him. He shares his personal stories of the achievements and struggles he faced in his life, which inspires me very much to become hard-working like him. Another is my accounting professor, Richard Bailey, who prepares us to tackle real-world business problems in our accounting courses. He worked for many big accounting firms in his career and shares insights with us so we can learn from them, which really inspires me to become a great accountant like him.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech
Being a part of the Oregon Tech Honors Program has to be one of the greatest learning experiences for me at Oregon Tech because not only do I get to challenge myself by requesting honors option courses from my professors, but it also prepares me well to foster in my future profession. Moreover, Oregon Tech Honors Program students participate in various activities, including Idea, Question and Answer Seminars, Honors Option Courses, Our World to Lead and Serve (OWLS) Projects, Honors Connections Events, Honors Experiential Learning and Inquiry in Outdoor Settings (HELIOS) field trips.

My Plans After Graduation
After graduating with my degree in accounting from Oregon Tech, I plan on taking a CPA exam in near future and simultaneously work full-time at a CPA firm. I also plan on doing a master's in accounting in the future.