Alumni, Class of 2017

Why did you choose this program (major)?

I chose this major for a few reasons. First, I have always aspired to practice medicine and wanted the best education to prepare me for medical school. When I was looking at different degree options at various universities, Oregon Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Biology – Health Sciences stood out due to the rigorous nature of the degree. I never thought I would be able to complete a biology degree, but here I am, graduating in sixteen days with my diploma. The second reason I elected to pursue this degree was simply because I have a genuine passion for all facets of biology. I would have to say that my favorite biology class was human anatomy and physiology. How the human body functions at a physiologic level never ceases to amaze me. Lastly, I chose this degree because of Oregon Tech’s high graduate school acceptance rate. I was very impressed and decided this degree was the best fit for me.

What are you passionate about changing in this particular field and why?

Since I have been accepted into a naturopathic medical school, I have developed a deep interest in how natural remedies can help patients depend less on pharmaceutical drugs. I hope to be a part of shifting medicine away from drug dependency and to empower people to take control of their health.

In fall 2018, I will begin graduate school at the National University of Health Sciences. I will pursue two doctorate degrees in naturopathic medicine and chiropractic medicine. After graduating, I plan to move back to Oregon in hopes of joining an established alternative medicine practice.

Why did you decide to join TOP?

I made the choice years ago to join the TOP program because I envisioned it providing me additional support to get through college, which it has in an insurmountable way. Had I not joined TOP, I would have never been able to meet some of the greatest people on this campus and have the support and ongoing encouragement to stay motivated and finish my degree. Through TOP, I have gained more confidence and the ability to ask for help when I know I am struggling. I cannot be more grateful for such a great program because without TOP, I would not be the first person in my immediate family to graduate from college.

Is there anything about Oregon Tech that you wish everyone knew about?

I would tell future students that if they want to work hard and have a rigorous schedule, then this university is the place for them. From a personal standpoint, I would also tell them to live on campus for a year to get experience. Additionally, I would tell students to use campus resources, such as the Financial Aid Office, the Integrated Student Health Center, and TOP.

What is your favorite hobby, and do you have any experiences you would like to share regarding that hobby?

This year I found myself to be interested in keeping snakes as pets. Snakes are interesting and never cease to amaze me. I have a few snakes, including a Burmese python named Banana, a western hognose named Digger, and a platinum reticulated python named Kaa. My boyfriend and I discovered this hobby together, and it helps us stay close and gives us something to do when we do not have school to tend to.

What fuels you to succeed?

Knowing that I have been accepted to a graduate school has fueled me to stay motivated for the rest of this school year. Prior to hearing of my acceptance, what fueled me was my perseverance and undying dedication to finishing my degree. Completing my Bachelor’s degree has so much meaning to it that sometimes I cannot express in words what it means to me.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

My all-time favorite professor on campus is Dr. Jherime L. Kellermann, Ph.D. because of the passion he has for teaching and learning. I have taken four classes with him, and I can sense he has extreme dedication to his students and his job.