Student, Class of 2018
Portland, Oregon

Awards/Accomplishments while at Oregon Tech: Andy Aikenhead Scholarship, Kuonen Scholarship, OIT leadership and diversity scholarship.

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

This school was close to where my family lives.

What do you like most about your program?

I enjoy that the projects we do have the potential to make people’s lives better someday.

What are you passionate about changing within this particular field and why?

I'd like to move renewable tech beyond energy to food production. My current senior project involves desalinating  water to irrigate soilized sand for crop development.

What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be to work for some sort of travel company that would send me to different places all over the world to take data or something. I'd like to work in Japan, since I enjoy their language and culture. I'm almost business ready in terms of language use, so I’d like to use those language skills somehow. 

What have been some of your favorite classes and why?

Some of my favorite classes were my philosophy classes, like Philosophy of Science and Adv. Logic, because I got to talk about deeper subjects than things Engineers normally talk about. I also enjoyed my Sci-Fi lit class, because I was going through a weird poetry phase, and I got to write decent poem as a final project. I also enjoyed my PV systems class, because our teacher enthusiastically taught us the material, and we got to do side research projects. I also studied abroad twice in Japan, and I loved my Japanese classes so much I've decided to move there and work after I graduate.

Do you have employment/graduate school plans for after graduation?

I plan to teach English in Japan until my Japanese is sufficient for working in a Japanese engineering firm.

Is there anything more that you would like to share with future students about campus, what you wish you knew before attending Oregon Tech or anything else?

I wish I'd known where the financial aid income refunds came from (mostly loans), so that I could have sent it all back to my loan providers immediately.