Student, Class of 2021
Lewisburg, PA

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

I picked Oregon Tech because it was a small school and it had a Renewable Energy Engineering degree. There were also a lot of examples of Renewable Energy on Campus.

What do you like most about your program?  

I really enjoy the small class sizes. It allows you to really get to know your professors. I also love the hands on approach in the labs which really helps you get an understanding of the subject.

What are you passionate about changing within this particular field and why?

I am very passionate about changing hydroelectric dams because dams can drastically change the ecology of the effected river. It also hinders the migration of fish. I am also very interested in algae based bio-fuels because I think it could be one of the fuel sources of the future.

What would be your dream job?

I would absolutely love to work in an algae based bio-fuels company.

What have been some of your favorite classes and why?

I really enjoyed electrochemistry because there was hands on activities in the labs and my professor was really passionate about the topics. We also got to do some awesome activities like dissecting a battery and creating our own solar panels from scratch.

Is there anything about Oregon Tech that you wish everyone knew about?

Your professors are really receptive to any ideas you have. I am currently working on my own semi-independent project with one of my math professors I had during my first term. Also, don’t dismiss the Rock. My Rock adviser is one of my best friends on campus and it is really nice just to have a nice place to go and talk to others. I think the Rock has helped me the most in my college experience

Are you involved on campus? If so, how?

I am involved with the Circle K club. It is a club dedicated to community service and it is great for making new friends. I highly recommend it.

Is there anything more that you would like to share with future students about campus, what you wish you knew before attending Oregon Tech or anything else?

Be sure that you really want to go into the field you choose because college isn’t cheap. Also, be sure to have to some fun while you are at college. You can even have some fun by adding some humor into speeches or papers. This makes them a little bit more enjoyable.