Alumni, Class of 2017
Roseburg, OR

Awards and Accomplishments while at Oregon Tech
  • Lambda Pi Eta
  • Communications Honor Society
  • President's List
  • Dean's List
  • Non-traditional Student Representative in ASOIT

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

Attended by Alumni Matthew Hunt (younger brother), and Melanie McClellan (my youngest sister), I have lived in Klamath since 2006. Oregon Tech had the quality that I was looking for, and the programs.

What do you liek most about your major?

How many different directions it can diversify, you can make your own job in whatever communication area you are interested in with this degree.

What are you passionate about changing within this particular field and why?

Helping others differentiate between the technology they need and don't need. Communication is so very broad and so very fun. I am passionate about this because of the major disconnect in technology usage between digital natives and digital immigrants (older generations). Technology can be made to work for you, or it can distract you.

What would be your dream job?

Writing fiction/science fiction etc. But what I am doing now is pretty fantastic!

What have been some of your favorite classes and why

Communication in Leadership. Great discussion times. Intercultural communication. And Technical and Advanced Technical writing.

Is there anything about Oregon Tech that you wish everyone knew about?

Communication degree students aren't slackers. We work hard within the scope of getting the degree, as well as finding the job in the industry we like. A true treasure hunt. Our program is extremely valuable, so much so that some of the classes are requirements for other degree programs. This is a great campus with very relatable instructors. I was never overlooked and the unique issues I had to deal with in the course of being a non-traditional student were accommodated.

What's your favorite thing to do off campus?

Go to the movies and do community events with my friends.

Are you involved on campus? If so, how?

I was in ASOIT, and I remain connected to the current student government as well as community and on campus elements related to the scope of my internship. I also worked for Career Services.

Have you participated in any internships or externships during your time at Oregon Tech? Did you gain valuable experience from them?

I am in an externship at the moment, it is extremely valuable. When I am done, I am hoping this will be my full-time job. The experience I am gaining in this position from an industry name and leader is fantastic. I am also learning that one of the huge takeaways from Oregon Tech is a massive sense of self-confidence.

Do you have employment/graduate school plans for after graduate?

I plan on working full time. I already have a job offer.

Is there anything more that you would like to share with future students about the campus, what you wish you knew before attending Oregon Tech or anything else?

If you are serious about getting a great education, with professors and assistants who actually care how well you do, this is the best school for you, and it’s so exciting as well, so many great changes coming up that will benefit the programs and student body.