Alumni, Class of 2018

Why did you choose this program (major)?

It was local, had low student to faculty ratio, was an APA accredited psychology programs, applied experience, and has a 96% post-employment rate after graduation.

What are you passionate about changing in this particular field and why?

I would like to advance the understanding of stereotypes and prejudices that are still prevalent for those who experience mental and physical disabilities, foster inclusive education for students who have unique challenges, and promote person centered counseling and case managing that is genuinely strength based.

How are you planning to use your degree in the future?

To advocate for vulnerable at-risk members of our community through a job in human services and or education. To speak publicly on the need to improve our services.

Why did you decide to join TOP?

I knew I needed their professional and personal services to help increase my successful completion of both my academic and social goals. They helped me stay focused on my goals and made sure I took care of myself and my family.

Is there anything about Oregon Tech that you wish everyone knew about?

When you are a student it can be easy to forget the incredible beauty that surrounds us on campus. I would encourage students to put their phones away and take the time between classes to chat with other people and look around, maybe hike the O or just remember to just breathe. Social connections and nature breaks can reduce anxiety an improve your quality of life.

What is your favorite hobby, and do you have any experiences you would like to share regarding that hobby?

I love heading to the woods, lake, or the coast. The long drive helps me clear my head, and nature rejuvenates my spirit. I am always amazed how much better I perform when I take a break from studies.

What fuels you to succeed?

The desire to advocate and educate more effectively that can create a change in community mindset. I am the first person in my family ever to earn a bachelor's degree. I wanted to model for my children the value and benefits of higher education.

Who is your favorite professor and why? Do you know any interesting facts about that particular professor?

Dr. Petersen is one of my favorite professors. I really respect his integrity demonstrated in and out of the classroom, knowledge in our field, application of positive psychology, and accessibility to his students. He is a humble and patient man.