Student, Class of 2019
Roseburg, Oregon

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

I choose Oregon Tech because of their reputation, they are known for their great ultrasound programs. Along with the great ultrasound programs, it wasn’t too far from home and on top of that, I was able to run on the Oregon Tech track team.

What do you like most about your program?

I love how hands on my program is, we get to practice scanning real people every day. I also love that the program is small and that you really get to know your classmates as well as professors.

What are you passionate about changing within this particular field and why?

In the echo field you essentially get to save people lives by discovering heart abnormalities before they cause further damage. Helping better the lives of others is something that really drew me to this field.

What would be your dream job?

At this point I’m not really sure what my dream job would be, I would really like to try a little bit of everything, maybe even venture out into some of the other ultrasound modalities someday. 

What have been some of your favorite classes and why?

My favorite classes have been the echo classes because they have a scanning lab with them, the scanning lab is always fun. I got to practice scanning for three straight hours, and I always enjoyed improving my scanning.

Is there anything about Oregon Tech that you wish everyone knew about?

I wish everyone knew how great the programs are here. Your program really starts to feel like your family here in Klamath Falls; they are always there to encourage and support you.

Are you involved on campus? If so, how?

My first three years at Oregon Tech I ran on the track team. I really enjoyed my time on the track team, it helped me stay focused by managing school and sports. I definitely recommend getting involved in sports or clubs! 

Have you participated in any internships or externships during your time at Oregon Tech? Did you gain valuable experience from them?

I will begin my 11-month externship this July. I’m really looking forward to all the experience that I will gain with externship. I can’t wait to be scanning real patients and learning new things every day.