Oregon Tech Renewable Energy & Smart Grid Consortium


In Oregon Tech’s vision, the Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Consortium (RESG) will bring together partners who share a common goal of promoting and developing renewable energy solutions with the intent of shaping the future energy outlook for the state of Oregon, and potentially, the nation. Working with Oregon Tech through the Consortium, you will be connected to over a dozen faculty members with a wealth of experience in industry, government, and academia and hundreds of regional, national, and global industry contacts. You will also have access to state-of-the-art equipment and research facilities, and a large pool of uniquely qualified student engineering talent in Oregon Tech’s first-in-the-nation Renewable Energy Engineering program as well as our software, mechanical, and other engineering programs.

By participating in the Consortium, you can increase your business network, extend your research capabilities, and build a knowledge base in areas relevant to your organization’s current and evolving needs. You will network with a range of innovators with which you can partner to solve current and emerging challenges for your organization, your industry, and the community.

By leveraging resources, you may be able to help your organization grow and gain market share. Even if your organization is not specifically identified with the energy sector, your business will benefit as broad-scale infrastructure improvements evolve, as the next generation of energy engineers is prepared to meet even greater challenges, as knowledge is disseminated, and as processes are developed that encourage industry-university collaboration and innovation.

The consortium is intended to provide effective solutions to compelling issues by creating a venue for a range of industry partners to develop and implement an alternative energy infrastructure.


A diverse range of organizations will be invited to join, including industry, all levels of government, other educational institutions, private foundations, committees, action groups, land owners, and others. While any industrial partner will be welcome to join, the primary focus will be on the companies that are involved directly in any of the renewable energy technologies or that plan to get involved in a wide variety of enabling technologies, with a focus on energy, electric power, and environmental sectors.

The Oregon Tech Renewable Energy Consortium will be closely aligned with the Electrical Power Engineering Partnership program supported through the Department of Energy STEPS grant. This program is expected to provide hands-on engineering education opportunities in the following segments of the electric power industry: a) power system modeling and analysis, b) distributed power systems, c) power conditioning, and d) utility-focused energy storage.

Examples of companies that could greatly benefit from joining the consortium include large and small power utility companies; semiconductor manufacturers, petrochemical producers, oil and gas distributors; automotive suppliers; battery, fuel cell, and supercapacitor developers; turbine and generator manufacturers, electronic component manufacturers; catalyst, polymer, material, and chemical producers; and many others.


The immediate goal of the consortium is to help members develop and test processes, devices, and technologies that benefit your businesses, by bringing together member organizations, Oregon Tech faculty advisors, and student researchers to define and conduct projects of mutual benefit. As a member, you could expect to: create opportunities and value through shared research and collaboration; expand your value chain; and help develop an immediate, relevant workforce by supporting Oregon Tech’s engineering educational programs and providing students with real-world opportunities.

For more information about the Consortium, review the additional information on this page or contact lita.colligan@oit.edu.