Industry Associations and Partners

American Electronics Association—Oregon (AEA)

Oregon Tech is a member of AEA and participates and provides education to employees of AEA members.

Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center (BEST)

Oregon Tech is a partner in the BEST initiative, funded through the Oregon Innovation Council. Oregon Tech contributes knowledge about applying renewable energy technologies for business and community development through Oregon Tech's Oregon Renewable Energy Center (OREC) and Geo-Heat Center, and will contribute to BEST's success as it expands its energy generation, research and economic development activities.

Business Alliance for Sustainable Energy (BASE)

Oregon Tech provides input on the development of renewable energy educational programs and has hosted events and focus groups for BASE.

Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC)

Oregon Tech is a member of the PNDC and provides educational services to its member companies.

Engineering & Technology Industry Council (ETIC)

Oregon Tech is an active member of ETIC as a way to support the growth of Oregon Tech's engineering programs and achieve ETIC's goal of doubling the number of engineers in Oregon. Oregon Tech is active in ETIC's Computer Science Task Force and Oregon Pre-engineering and Applied Sciences Initiative (OPAS). Oregon Tech and ETIC work together to increase awareness and excitement about science and engineering among young Oregonians. Oregon Tech's faculty has been the catalyst for developing pre-college and summer programs for youth in partnership with industry.

Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute (OHWI)

Developed out of an initiative in Governor Kulongoski's office, the Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute (OHWI) was incorporated in 2006 to coordinate and advance a comprehensive statewide response to Oregon's growing health care workforce shortage. OHWI brings together representatives from the health care industry, higher education, government, associations, foundations and others to create and implement solutions to affect real increases in the supply of health professionals. Oregon Tech represents public universities on the board, was a founding board member and leads the strategic planning committee for the Institute.

Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP)

Oregon Tech partners with the NIST-funded Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership whose mission is to help small to mid-sized Oregon manufacturers transform the way they do business and become more competitive.

Oregon Solar Energy Industry Association (OSEIA)

Oregon Tech benefits from the advice of OSEIA members in the development of our Renewable Energy Systems program.

Oregon Workforce Investment Board Manufacturing Committee

Oregon Tech collaborates with the Governor’s Manufacturing Industry Steering Committee to ensure that Oregon Tech's degree programs are accessible to the state's manufacturers through the web portal, and Oregon Tech's curriculum is relevant for the sector's current and future workforce needs.

Semiconductor Workforce Consortium (SWC)

Oregon Tech has been a member of the Semiconductor Workforce Consortium for over 15 years. Oregon Tech provides educational services to its member companies.

Software Association of Oregon (SAO)

Oregon Tech participates on SAO's Education Committee and the Tech Start Education Foundation and Super Quest camps. Oregon Tech partnered with SAO and Microsoft to develop a Basic Game Programming Camp for Kids at Oregon Tech in 2007 and will run both a Basic and Advance Game Programming Camps in 2008.

Manufacturing 21 Coalition (Mfg 21)

Oregon Tech is an active member of the Manufacturing 21 Coalition and provides education for the employees of its members. Oregon Tech is developing a proposal with Mfg 21 for the Oregon Innovation Council to expand manufacturing labs and applied research opportunities for Oregon's manufacturers.

Northwest High Performance Enterprise Consortium (NWHPEC)

Oregon Tech offers classroom space for the NWHPEC to enhance its education programs in Lean manufacturing and Lean office practices.