Who We Serve

The Office of Academic Advising and Retention serves all Oregon Tech students in different capacities as they progress through their degree at Oregon Tech. First-year students (Freshmen and Transfer) have an assigned Professional Advisor to help them navigate their first year; returning students are assigned a Professional Advisor within their college (ETM or HAS) to provide academic advising and guidance.

How Professional Advising Works

At Oregon Tech you have both a Faculty Advisor in your program and a Professional Academic Advisor. Your Faculty Advisor is there to talk to you about your field of study, course content, and give final approval on the courses you plan to take each term.

Your Professional Advisor provides general advising, such as following your curriculum map and schedule planning for registration. Professional Advisors are also here to help you find and use campus resources effectively; they are your best contact for understanding school policies/procedures, logistical issues, and general questions about how to navigate the university.