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Recycled Art Contest 2011

Oregon Institute of Technology Sustainability Group announces its 3rd annual Recycled Art Contest as well as a call for submissions from local artists of all ages.

Oregon Tech’s Sustainability Group is announcing its 3rd annual Recycled Art Fair to be held in conjunction with Earth Day 2011. The Recycled Art Fair is a fun way to raise awareness about different ways to reuse materials, including those that may not be recyclable otherwise. Recycled art shows that recycling is not only good for our environment; it can also be a fun and interesting project.

The Sustainability Group is also calling for submissions for the art fair. Any piece of visual art for the art fair is accepted, as long as the piece is made of recycled materials. Submissions will be divided into four categories: Grades K-7, Grades 8-12, Oregon Tech & KCC students, and General Community. Submissions will be kept in Oregon Tech’s main College Union Building the night of April 21st, and during the day April 22nd. Submissions from college students and general community will also be asked to pay a $3 registration fee to help cover costs of the event. Certificates and prizes will be available for top pieces selected in each category. Judging will occur mid afternoon on the 22nd.

To register a piece for submission, please contact either Claudia TorresGaribay and/or Nicholas Hill by email with the following information:

Phone Number
Media used
Estimated time between 10 am and 5 pm on April 21 when the piece can be delivered to Oregon Tech
Estimated time on April 22 when the piece can be picked up (suggested time: 5 pm)

The deadline for submissions will be April 18th. Pieces will need to be delivered during the day April 21st, and will be need to be picked up after the Earth Day Fair on April 22nd.

Additionally, individuals with early submissions placed before April 13th will have the opportunity to have their work displayed with the Creativity Collectives Recycled Art Show and Poetry Reading held at the Klamath County Library opening April 15th. Individuals interested in this opportunity will be put in contact with the Creativity Collective for details. For any additional information, please contact Nicholas Hill by email at Nicholas.hill@oit.edu.