Each term, each student will receive an $8.00 printing credit to use during the term. This printing credit is the equivalent of 100 single-sided black and white copies. Each print/copy made will decrease the credit amount according to the type of print. BW prints are $.08 and color prints are $.35, scanning and faxing to local or 800 numbers are free. Once the initial credit is gone students can still print/copy and their account will be charged accordingly.

Students will see their current printing balance whenever they log into TECHweb. A positive balance (black number) indicates remaining printing credit and a negative balance (red number) indicates accrued charges. Negative balances will be billed monthly, but the printing balance will not reset till the end of the term. Unused credit will be reset and will not roll over to the new term. For issues with erroneously charged print/copy jobs please visit the cashier’s office on the first floor of Snell Hall.

Many copiers on campus are in faculty/staff areas and are not for student printing. However, there are a variety of locations on campus available to students for printing, copying, scanning and faxing.