The Oregon Tech Online office provides technology that can be used in your on-campus classes at no charge (these same programs are used in the fully online classes). Some of the software that is available to any faculty member at any of the Oregon Tech campuses includes Canvas, which is a course management software, and Zoom web conferencing. Faculty can use either of these programs to supplement their classroom instruction.

Use Canvas to:

  • Post your syllabus and handouts online for students to access at any time from any location
  • Send announcements to your class
  • Let students turn in assignments electronically - even large files that are too big to send by email
  • Give your quizzes or tests online and let Canvas grade them for you
  • Post student grades in a secure environment
  • Use online discussion groups to enhance student participation

Zoom web conferencing program can be used to:

  • Invite a guest speaker to your classroom who cannot come to campus
  • Record a lecture for students who have a conflict with the scheduled class time
  • Record a lecture to let your students review the material - the recording can be done in the live classroom or in your office
  • Conduct a live class lecture from a distance when you're at a conference or out of town for some other reason
  • Have students record a presentation
  • Collaborate on a document with people at a distance - share your computer screen and "show" them rather than "tell" them
  • Conduct online office hours
  • Set up online study groups for your students to use so they can meet from their homes

The Online staff also has software on our computers to help you do tasks in Canvas such as:

  • Convert a Word formatted quiz/test into a Canvas assessment (using Respondus)
  • Capture your activity on your computer screen to show students how to use a program (using Camtasia)
  • Convert non-copyrighted media files into a format that can be posted online (using various programs we have)

The Online staff can also help with using other technology in your classroom. For instance:

  • Provide help in transferring your media into a web-friendly format to post in your Canvas class.
  • Advise on other software that you may want to use in your Canvas class.
  • Brainstorm ideas you have on how to include other technology in your Canvas class.