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Oregon Tech would like to reach out to junior and senior high school students to give them someone to talk to, connect with, and be mentored by in the hopes that they will stay focused on their studies and goals of going to college.

Does college really matter?
What do I need to do to go to college?
How am I going to afford college?
Are my grades good enough?

Any question is a good one, so ask us!

Our focus is not on recruiting for Oregon Tech but to help students succeed in applying and gaining admission to any school of higher education.

Reach Your Goals

Oregon Tech Student Mentors will:

  • Send professional, personalized text messages each week to students
  • Try to be a support and information source for students
  • Focus on trying to eliminate some of the scariness of going to college and to help coach students through the process
  • Reach out to Oregon Tech staff and high school staff members to answer student questions as needed
  • Be a positive role model

Student Requirements:

Reply to Oregon Tech text messages on a weekly basis


Complete online survey regarding their experiences with the project twice a-year


Pledge not to text and drive or text during school hours


Parent Responsibilities:

Grant permission for your student to participate


Encourage your student to respond to text messages


For More Information:

Paul Zaiger

Paul Zaiger, Retention Advisor

 Purvine Hall 274