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Meet Your Mentors


MykalaMykala Rubey

Class of 2017
Major: Applied Psychology
Hometown: Oregon City, OR

My name is Mykala Rubey and I will be a junior at Oregon Tech. I am studying Psychology, with a minor in Business. I am from Portland, Oregon and went to Oregon City high school. I like reading, working out and cooking.

RobertRobert Huitt

Class of 2017
Major: Operations Management
Hometown: Oakland, CA

As a Klamath Tribal member I am hoping to use my education to bring about change in the community. This peer texting program is one of my first opportunities to do that. I grew up in Oakland, CA seeing and experiencing first-hand what wrong choices can lead to. Fortunately I had people throughout various times in my life say the right words and get me to really look inside myself and think about my options, and sometimes it wasn’t even something as “deep” or “serious” as you’d think. There were times where someone just simply encouraged me in math classes, or even just laughed about the amount of homework that some classes can have. Like I mentioned earlier, I have seen a lot of people deal with consequences of their choices and I hope that my life experiences can prove useful to someone else.

As far as myself, I am a senior at Oregon Tech majoring in Operations Management and minoring in Human Communication. I transferred here from a community college with a degree in in Fine Arts, and Liberal Arts & Humanities. I am also Student Director of the Diversity Program, President of NASU (Native American Student Union), and an instructor in the martial arts club. I grew up loving the same things as most folks; although I lean a little more on the nerdy side of life. I was the only guy in my bad neighborhood who loved Weird Al, Star Wars, and Zelda. I am definitely a metal-head. Although I love all kinds of music, from classical & hip-hop to jazz & movie soundtracks; nothing touches my heart like metal (all sub-genres). I love city-life, but I also love being out in the woods and getting in touch with nature. I also love martial arts, playing guitar, and lifting weights. Generally speaking I am into whatever I find interesting and I try not to let others hinder my curiosity for learning and trying new things.

FarynFaryn Case

Class of 2018
Major: Environmental Sciences
Hometown: Chiloquin, OR

Hey! My name is Faryn Case and I graduated from Chiloquin High School. I am currently a junior here at Oregon Tech. I am an environmental science major and hope to one day become a hydrologist. I'm also on the volleyball team. I am excited to be a part of this program because I enjoy giving back and hopefully help those that want to attend college and answer any possible questions about how to make it possible.