Hosting Groups/Guest

Policies and Procedures for Hosting Groups/Guests

To learn more about Oregon University System's Policies and Procedures:

  • Navigate to
  • From Policies and Procedures, click on Fiscal Policy Manual.
  • Page down to the PROCUREMENT & CONTRACTING section and click on Purchasing and Accounts Payable.
  • On the OUS Financial Administration Standard Operating Manual (FASOM) page, arrow down to Entertainment and Hosting Expenses and Groups and Guest - Refreshment, Meals, Transportation, and Hosting Non-Employees.

Procurement Cards and Hosting Groups/Guests

Procurement cards may be used for hosting as follows:

  1. When hosting groups, the Procurement Card may be used to pay for the event. However, it may not be used to purchase alcohol. Tips should not exceed 15%. A hosting form must be attached to the monthly Procurement Card reconciliation and all hosting provisions adhered to in terms of meeting agenda, timing, and business / University purpose.

Procurement Cards may NOT be used for hosting as follows:

  1. For larger events, direct payment to the vendor is the preferred method of payment.
  2. As an absolute rule, the Procurement Card may not be used to purchase alcohol.
  3. Tip(s) exceeding15%.