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Recruitment Resources

The goal of the recruitment process is to hire the best candidate for the job. Succeeding in hiring the best candidate requires thoughtful planning by departments and active participation by committee members and stakeholders. In addition, the recruitment process should be consistent with Oregon Tech’s Strategic Plan to recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff. The resources on this page are provided to support departments and committees with their recruitment endeavors.
Explore the different sections below for checklists, samples, and tools to aid in the recruitment process. These resources were developed to provide departments and committees with information and guides to provide structure and direction during all phases of the recruitment. Resources are ready for use either as created or with minimal revisions.



Staff Recruitment Checklist OR  Faculty Recruitment Checklist


Search Committee & Recruitment Trainings

Search Committee Best Practices
This training provides a search committee-focused overview of the Oregon Tech recruitment process. It covers the five stages of a recruitment and provides helpful information to search committee chairs and search committee members.

Oregon Tech Recruitment Training
This training provides a comprehensive overview of the Oregon Tech recruitment process. It covers the five stages of a recruitment and provides helpful information to department chairs and search committees.

Stage 1 - Preparation & Approval

The Preparation & Approval stage of a recruitment covers the development of a position description, establishment of a recruitment timeline, identification of a search committee, assembly of search committee tools and resources, and posting the recruitment to the HEROES applicant portal.

Guides & Resources
Notice of Vacancy (NOV) Development Guidelines
NOV Sample Graphic Template
NOV Sample Simple Template
Tips for Writing & Updating Position Descriptions
Position Description Template

Sample Search Timeline
Sample Advertisement & Outreach Plan

Stage 2 - Advertise & Outreach

The Advertise & Outreach stage of a recruitment includes developing a recruitment strategy, writing and posting a Notice of Vacancy and external job advertisements, and engaging in recruitment outreach.

Guides & Resources
External Ad Sources and Costs
Guide for Advertising Salary Information

Advertisement Samples & Templates (Long and Short)
Sample Search Committee Meeting Agenda

Stage 3 - Screen Applications & Conduct Interviews

The Screen Applications & Conduct Interviews stage of a recruitment includes completing search committee training, reviewing applications, and preparing for and conducting interviews.

Sample Interview Questions
Sample Candidate Screening/Comparison Sheet
Sample Candidate Ranking Method
List of Not Hired/Selected Reasons in HEROES
Sample Candidate Evaluation Form (Open Forum)

Candidate Experience Tool Kit
Parking Permit for Candidates
Known Applicants and Conflicts of Interest
Faculty Interview Feedback Form

Stage 4 - Reference & Background Checks

The Reference & Background Checks stage of recruitments consists of contacting references, making a recommendation for hire to the hiring authority, and conducting background checks.

Reference Checking Guide
Sample Reference Checking Questions
Sample Reference Checking Template

Stage 5 - Hire & Onboard

The Hire & Onboard stage of recruitments includes the development and issuing of an offer letter, completion of new hire paperwork and new hire activities, departmental preparation for the arrival of a new employee, and welcoming the new employee to their department, and finalizing the hire of a successful candidate.

At this stage, it is also recommended that candidates that were interviewed but not selected be contacted by the department chair or dean. Resources and an overview of the Oregon Tech onboarding process are available on the Onboarding page soon.

Relocation Expense Overview
New Employee Onboarding
Departmental Onboarding Resources
New Employee Resources