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Stories From the Klamath Basin & Land of Lakes

Discover fascinating regional tales here:

  • Is it true that balls of living snakes rolled down Main Street? Find out in Notes on early Water Use in the Klamath Basin.
  • See wonderful historic photos of bears being naughty at Crater Lake National Park in Bears at Crater Lake.
  • Have you ever wondered where meteorites go after they fall from the sky? Follow Erin Lange's detective work in determining the locations of Southern Oregon meteorites in The Klamath Falls Iron Meteorite.

finding-oregonExperience Oregon's Beauty - Time lapse video project by Uncage the Soul Productions features the stunning night skies of Oregon.

geologyDiscover “Horst und Graben” in the Land of Lakes - Take a geological tour of the region with Steve Mark, Crater Lake Historian.

crater-lakeCrater Lake, The Most Wonderful Body of Water in the World - Charming 1873 description of Crater Lake in the New York Times.

sucker-beer-smRemembering Sucker Beer - Sucker Beer bottles are hard-to-find collector’s items by Lee Juillerat

linkville-hotelFallen Officer Remembered - The story of Deputy J.F Lewis and the incident of his death in Linkville by Lee Juillerat

18821882 - Before There was Klamath County and Klamath Falls - When Klamath Falls was Linkville by Lee Juillerat

shipCelebrated Watercolorist Gunnar Widforss Painted at Crater Lake - Short Bio about Widforss by Steve Mark, Crater Lake Historian

flyoverThunder in Crater Lake - Fascinating glimpse of the Sentry Flyover at Crater Lake by Ryan Bartholomew.

brushessmThe Traveling Librarian - The Shaw Historical Librarian, Anne Hiller Clark, takes us on a fascinating tour of other archival libraries.

tractor-cabTractor Cab Optional - Take a whimsical tour through 100 years of farm equipment and farming with Third Generation Farmer Steve Kandra.

cheewa-storyModoc: The Tribe That Wouldn't Die - Read a fascinating tale of Modoc family history by Cheewa James. 2011 first runner up for the Western Writers of America Stirrup Award.

4046Steam Locomotive Memories - Photos and memories of the Southern Pacific Railroad in Merrill, Ca by Steve Kandra .

folgers-canMeteorite Man - Photos and story about the meteorite discovered in Lakeview by Lee Juillerat.

ore-binThe Klamath Falls Iron Meteorite - Erin Lange's 1970 "Ore Bin" article about the history of fallen meteorites in Southern Oregon.

little-bearBears at Crater Lake - Historic photos and story about the Bears at Crater Lake by Lee Juillerat.

malinMalin's 100th Anniversary - Historic photos from Malin's early days with text by Lee Juillerat.

water-storyA Brief Discussion of Klamath Basin Geology and Geography Related to Water Resources by Anne Hiller Clark.

snakesNotes on Early Water Use in the Klamath Basin by Mark Clark and Earl D. Miller.