Human Anatomy Classes
  • Fully online three-term course sequence (no set meeting times).

  • Receive 12 credits upon successful completion of all courses. Each course is 4 quarter credits.

  • Courses include lecture and laboratory components.

  • No prerequisites to begin the series.

  • Sequence meets requirements of many programs in allied health fields.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to verify transferability to the institution and program of their interest.

In-depth Study of Human Anatomy and Physiology

This course sequence consists of three, 4 quarter credit courses (total of 12 term credits), equivalent to 8 semester credits. Courses are taken in sequential order. Each course has lecture and lab components.

Lectures focus on physiology and rely on lecture videos, exercises and assigned reading. Labs focus on anatomy studied from a 3D interactive anatomy program, images and drawings and lab videos. We use weekly quizzes and tests to reinforce learning and test student’s knowledge in both lecture and labs.

Examinations use Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Course Content

This course includes the basic introductory cytology and histology and covers all of the body systems including integumentary, musculoskeletal, endocrine (BIO 231), nervous, cardiovascular, immune (BIO 232), digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive systems (BIO 233). Acid-base balance, metabolism, human genetics and development are also studied.

There are no prerequisites, but some background in biology and chemistry is very helpful.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Textbook

Human Anatomy and Physiology by Elain Marieb and Katja Hoehn.

Please check the Oregon Tech Bookstore for the correct edition as well as other supplemental materials.

Application Process

Full admission to Oregon Tech is not required. Financial aid is not offered to non-degree seeking students but a payment plan is available. Follow the steps below to get started:

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  2. Watch for an email from the Admissions Office about registration.
  3. Register yourself for classes when registration opens.

Non-degree seeking students do not pay application fees since they are not attending a degree program, and are limited to 8 credits per term.

Once registered you are responsible for the tuition and fees. The payment and refund schedule, along with the payment plan application, is located on the Cashier’s Office website. The Academic Calendar details important registration dates and withdraw deadlines.


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