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Online Tuition and Fees


As a state-supported university, Oregon Tech offers programs and classes at affordable rates. There is no out-of-state surcharge for non-Oregon residents.

2019-20 Tuition Rates

The 2019-20 online tuition rates are listed below. Each course has a $65 distance delivery fee attached to it. The cost (tuition and fees) of each class is displayed on the course schedule for easy reference.

Tuition Rates
Undergraduate Rate $257 per credit 
Graduate Program Rates: 
MS in Allied Health $367 per credit 
MS in Engineering $533 per credit

Oregon Tech reviews tuition rates annually. Once the tuition rate is set for an academic year there are no changes during the year.


In addition to tuition charges, each online course has a distance delivery fee of $65. This pays for a "seat" in Blackboard, our online software. This fee also supports the equipment and technical staff required for Oregon Tech to offer online courses.

A typical three-credit hour undergraduate course would then cost $735 + $65, for a total of $800 in tuition and fees. Most online courses also require books and/or materials.

In your first term as a degree-seeking online student you will see a $40 Transcript for Life fee and $50 Online Matriculation fee on your account. Both are one-time, non-refundable fees.

Please also note the sidebar links that outline additional fees that may be charged for late payment and class drops.