Number Title Credit
BIO 200 Medical Terminology 2
ECHO 227 Basic ECG Recognition and Testing 3
PSG 211 Fundamentals of PSG and Patient Care 3
PSG 221 Physiology of Sleep 3
PSG 231 Sleep Disorders Pathology 4
PSG 246 Sleep Disorders in Women 3
PSG 264 Pediatric/Neonatal Polysomnography 4
PSG 271A Clinical Polysomnographic Technology A 6
 PSG 271B Clinical Polysomnographic Technology B 6
PSG 271C Clinical Polysomnographic Technology C 6
PSG 291 Clinical Sleep Educator 3
RCP 120 Interventions in Gas Exchange 4
  Total Credits Required for Certificate 47


BIO 231Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 232Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIO 233Human Anatomy & Physiology III4
STAT 243ZElementary Statistics I4
PSY 201, 202, or 203Psychology3
COM 111ZPublic Speaking4
WRI 121ZComposition I4
WRI 227ZTechnical Writing4
 Math/Science/Social Science Elective3
 Math/Science/Social Science Elective3
 Humanities Elective3
 Total Credits Required for AAS90
In addition to completing the required courses listed above, AAS students must also meet the following requirements prior to graduation:
  • Successfully complete at least 30 Oregon Tech credits.