Canvas is accessed through TECHweb.

To log into Canvas:

Upon registration, Canvas login instructions are emailed to your Oregon Tech email account and to any personal email accounts that the Online office has in our system for you. Check your email accounts for these instructions and save them for use when you start your classes.
  • Your username is generally your firstname.lastname. For example, John Doe's Canvas username would be john.doe (your specific username is listed in the email instructions sent to you). In some cases, your Canvas username will contain a digit at the end if there is more than one student with the same name on our system, so a username could be john.doe2.
  • Your default password is Hootie and the last four digits of your Oregon Tech student identification number. For instance, if your ID number was 918181234, your default password would be Hootie1234 (You will be forced to change your default password the first time you login to TECHweb).

**Remember that your online classes will not display until the first day of the term**.

Help logging into your account

If you need assistance with your Canvas username or password, please email or call the helpdesk at 541.885.1470. Please specify to the HelpDesk staff that you are trying to log into Canvas. View the HelpDesk open days and hours.

The HelpDesk staff will need the following information in order to help you:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Student ID number (not your social security number)