Parking on Campus

  1. While parking on campus, operators of motor vehicles or bicycles, must comply with the traffic laws and ordinances of the State of Oregon., the City of Klamath Falls and the regulations governing motor vehicles and bicycles on campus. A "parked vehicle" refers to any vehicle that is stopped with or without a driver in attendance.
  2. Designated parking areas are indicated on the Designated Parking Areas map in the Vehicle Regulations brochure.
  3. Zones designated as special service are restricted to loading/unloading and for campus maintenance services. Loading zones are for the specific use of loading and unloading only and are limited to 15 minutes.
  4. Parking with the front wheels adjacent to the curb (head-in parking) is required except in areas designated for parallel parking.
  5. Vehicles shall be parked on campus only in areas designated for parking. Parking of vehicles on any road, driveway, fire lane, entranceway to building pedestrian lane and landscaped area is prohibited.
  6. A special area in lot D, F1 and M is designated for parking motorcycles/scooters. These vehicles may also park in any other properly designated parking space. Additionally, motorcycles may back into parking spaces.
  7. Bicycles must be parked in bike racks. Parking a bicycle in any building is prohibited.
  8. Vehicle repair in any parking area or zone is prohibited.
  9. Open parking (that is, parking without an Oregon Tech permit) is permissible in designated parking areas between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., and on weekends.
  10. The owner per DMV registration or primary driver of any vehicle brought to campus is responsible for any citations issued to the vehicle.


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