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Integrated Student Health Center


The Integrated Student Health Center, located at the main campus in Klamath Falls, provides general medical care for illnesses and accidents, medical referral, counseling and wellness programs.


  • Provide affordable, quality health care for all students
  • Teach students how to be educated health care consumers
  • Promote prevention, wellness, and fitness

Your Privacy is Important to Us
Keeping your personal information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. Please be reassured that we do not share information with anyone unless you give us permission.


SPEAK UP...Let us know what you think!

We are committed to continuously monitor and improve services. Patient satisfaction surveys are conducted bi-annually and constructive suggestions are incorporated into our operation.

If you have concerns relating to the quality of care or service provided, let the Integrated Student Health Center know immediately. Concerns may be voiced to any Integrated Student Health Center staff. Written comments are welcome at the Integrated Student Health Center by email at health@oit.edu.

All concerns will be reviewed in an effort to improve and enhance the quality of care and services provided. We care about your concerns and want to provide you with the best possible care!