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Financial Aid

Financial Aid
The Financial Aid Office is committed to providing high-quality service to all students, their families, and the community. As part of that commitment, the office strives to provide information that is accurate, easy to understand and enables students to make decisions regarding educational funding.

NEW!!! Requirements for Financial Aid Eligibility

Title IV Authorization/Prior Year Authorization
After accepting your awards and registering for classes you will need to log back into your Web for Student account and sign the Title IV Authorization and Prior Year Authorization.

Title IV Authorization: Allows Oregon Tech to apply your federal financial aid funds to student account charges other than tuition and fees (i.e. interest, late fees, housing, books, etc.) during the current year.
Title IV Prior Year Authorization: Allows Oregon Tech to apply your financial aid funds to any student account charges that were accumulated during prior award years (i.e. past due balances).

These documents must be signed in order to receive financial aid. To sign the authorizations follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to www.oit.edu/login
  2. Under Direct Links
  3. Select “Web for Student” and log in following the instructions on the page.
  4. Select the “Financial Aid” tab
  5. Select “Financial Aid Menu”
  6. Select “Eligibility Requirements for Aid Year”
  7. Select and complete “Title IV Authorization”
  8. Select and complete “Title IV Prior Year Authorization”

Aid Disbursement

Summer 2016:

Financial aid will be disbursed to Oregon Tech student accounts beginning on June 16, 2016 if all Requirements for Aid Year on Web for Student have been completed by the student and processed by the Financial Aid Office. Once funds have been posted to student accounts, refunds will be processed by the Business Office. Any refunded amount will be forwarded to Higher One for processing through your designated refund choice.

**If you are not required to attend Summer term for your program but are going to be taking classes please submit a copy of your Summer class schedule to the Financial Aid office in order to be awarded.

Award Letters for 2016-17

So you filed your 2016-17 FAFSA?

We are processing FAFSAs and are now sending out requests for additional information and award notifications. Awards are processed by FAFSA file date so the earlier you submitted your FAFSA the earlier you will receive notifications from the Financial Aid office.

Award notifications are sent to new students via mailed letters and to continuing students through their Oregon Tech email accounts. Students may also be notified about the Financial Aid office needing additional information and need to turn in all needed documents as soon as possible. An award letter cannot be processed until all documents are received and reviewed.

To check the status of your award log into Web for Student:
*If you are at less than full-time status in any term, let the Financial Aid Office know. If your enrollment status is different than what your aid is set for, the release of your aid might be held.

Contact Us

Financial Aid Office

OfficeCollege Union, 1st floor

Hours: 8am-5pm M-F, except major holidays

Note: Higher One Easy Refund Cards are handled through the Cashier's Office. Please contact them with any questions at 541.885.1202 or email cashier@oit.edu.