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Welcome to Campus Life at Oregon Tech!

Campus Life supports the meaningful growth and development of Oregon Tech students throughout the life of their university experience. Through active partnership with our students, opportunities are created for hands-on learning, self-discovery, leadership, teamwork, diversity, community service, and social justice in an environment that is rewarding, energetic and fun. Our goal is to inspire students to discover their unique place in our world.

Oregon Tech is a dynamic campus community. A uniquely engaging living and learning environment, students not only get an education, they get involved on campus. Oregon Tech offers a full array of campus activities and events such as concerts and comedians, intercollegiate, intramural, and club sports and more than 40 student clubs. Check out the options here and discover ways that you can get involved!

Along with the active community on campus, students enjoy the inviting community of Klamath Falls. Located in Southern Oregon, Klamath Falls is nestled on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains with spectacular views of Upper Klamath Lake, pine-studded knolls, and snow-capped peaks, seen from nearly every vantage point on our 305-acre campus.