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Board of Trustees

Oregon Tech Board of Trustees: A Future of Possibilities

Oregon Tech’s Board of Trustees will officially assume governance of the university on July 1, 2015. Prior to that time the Trustees, appointed by Governor Kitzhaber, will begin the process of meeting with Oregon Tech’s many stakeholders – especially our students, faculty and staff – and learning about our unique institution and the impressive value that we bring to Oregonians, the students we serve, and our industry partners. Our Trustees will also learn about the challenges the university faces in regards to student access and affordability, state funding, and adapting to meet student and workforce demand.

We welcome this impressive and diverse group of leaders from across the Northwest and from many fields of expertise: education, local government, high tech, healthcare, communications, and business. Their governance, guidance and advocacy for Oregon Tech ignites new possibilities in student support, fiscal health, academic program excellence, and areas that we haven’t yet imagined. Their leadership also holds the promise of extending our partnerships within our campus communities of Klamath Falls and Wilsonville.


For more information or questions about the Oregon Tech Board of Trustees, please contact Sandra Fox, Board Secretary.

Sandra Fox, Board Secretary