Courses Granted for Registry

  DMS 223  Applications of Abdominal Sonography I*3
  DMS 252  Sophomore Laboratory I1
  DMS 224  Applications of Abdominal Sonography II*3
  DMS 253  Sophomore Laboratory II1
  DMS 225  Applications of Abdominal Sonography III*3
  DMS 254  Sophomore Laboratory III1
  DMS 234  Pelvic Sonography3
  DMS 370  Obstetrical Sonography**3
  DMS 388  Externship Preparation0
  DMS 430  DMS Externship45
  MIT 103    Intro to Medical Imaging3
  MIT 225Patient Care in Sonography3
  MIT 231  Sonographic Principles & Instrumentation I4
  MIT 232  Sonographic Principles & Instrumentation II4
  PHY 217  Physics of Medical Imaging3
 Total Registry Credits80

*Granted for the AB registry

**Granted for OB/GYN registry.

Professional Courses

  BIO 335  Cross-Sectional Anatomy3
  BUS 313  Health Care Systems & Policy 
  BUS 316  Total Quality in Health Care 
  BUS 317  Health Care Management3
  DMS 352  Junior Laboratory I1
  DMS 365  Sonographic Pathology3
  DMS 316  Survey of Vascular Technology**3
  DMS 337  Breast Sonography**3
  DMS 346  Musculoskeletal Sonography**3
  DMS 353  Junior Laboratory II1
  DMS 343  Neonatal & Pediatric Sonography3
  DMS 373  Obstetrical Pathology3
  DMS 375  Fetal Echocardiography**3
  DMS 354  Junior Laboratory III1
  DMS 430A  Special DMS Externship8
  DMS 430B  Special DMS Externship7
 Total Professional Credits45*


*Additional coursework is required if the individual has only one of these registries: Abdominal or the OB/GYN registry."

**Further credits may be awarded for additional registries.

General Education Courses (Transfer or take with Oregon Tech)

  BIO 200  Medical Terminology2
  BIO 231  Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
  BIO 232  Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
  BIO 233  Human Anatomy and Physiology III4
  CHE 101/104  Intro to General Chemistry/Lab4
  MATH 111Z Precalculus I: Functions4
  MATH 112Z  Precalculus II: Trigonometry4
  STAT 243Z  Elementary Statistics I *for online degree completion program only4
  PSY  Psychology 201, 202 or 2033
  COM 111Z  Public Speaking 4
  SPE 321  Small Group & Team Communication3
  WRI 121Z  Composition I4
  WRI 122Z Composition II4
  WRI 227Z  Technical Writing4
   Communication elective (from Gen. Ed. list)3
   Humanities electives9
   Social Science electives9
 Total Gen. Ed. Credits67


Students must complete all course requirements listed above and take at least 45 credits from Oregon Tech to earn a degree. Note: Oregon Tech is on a quarter system.