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Population Health Management

Klamath Falls: A New Frontier for Health!

​Oregon Tech-Klamath Falls is home to the nation’s first bachelor’s program in Population Health Management…

But what is Population Health Management?

We are entering a new era of health and healthcare. There is a growing awareness of the social determinants of health- those aspects about our social life, physical environments, and local economies that may have a significant impact on our health…

Population Health Management is the professional field that puts research on the social determinants of health into practice.

Oregon Tech’s Population Health Management program trains students in health research, data analysis, and health policy, to prepare our graduates for careers in epidemiology, medicine, public heath, and the non-profit sector.

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A Sociological Model of Population Health

Program Director Dr. Sophie Nathenson takes an innovative approach to training students in population health management, using her background in medical sociology. Medical sociology is the study of the health and healthcare systems of societies as a way to understand the ways in which healthcare, education, social policy, employment, and environments can influence the health of individuals.

Population health management students at Oregon Tech put the sociological model of population health into practice, exploring social determinants of health from the local to the global.

As a student, you gain valuable, translatable skills in:

  • Data analysis
  • Health research
  • Program planning
  • Grant writing
  • Health advocacy and outreach
  • Development of health policy

With these skills, you can take action in the local community of Klamath Falls while working at the Population Health Management Research Center, where your clients and colleagues are local professionals in the field. By applying sociology to the nation’s most pressing health issues in a local, rural environment, you will make a difference.

Career Opportunities

  • Patient advocate/navigator
  • Medical sociologist
  • Health promotion program director
  • Health researcher
  • Healthcare coordinator
  • Public health nursing

Areas of Study

Health Counseling & Outreach

Learn basic counseling skills oriented toward behavior change and treatment compliance, as well as knowledge of health care systems and the ability to coordinate care and case manage diverse patients.

Care Management & Coordination

Learn basic clinical skills in addition to training in navigating changing health care systems, social skills, computer skills, cultural competency and disease prevention.

Applied Health Data Analytics

Learn research skills that can be applied to institutional or population-level health data, solving problems related to efficiency, compliance, and disease prevention.