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Advance Credit Program (ACP)

College Credit Opportunity

The Advance Credit Program (ACP) is a partnership between Oregon Tech and a participating high school. If your high school offers ACP courses, then that means Oregon Tech has identified instructors at your school with advanced degrees and experience in their subject area, and has approved them for adjunct faculty status. These high school instructors partner with our faculty, to teach the same course at your high school that is offered on campus, for a fraction of the cost.

Enrolling in an ACP course is enrolling as a part-time Oregon Tech student. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded Oregon Tech college credit. Your earned grade becomes part of your permanent college record and is verified by an official Oregon Tech transcript.

Why enroll in ACP?

Students who enroll in ACP are getting an opportunity to earn college credit at a fraction of the cost without leaving their high school. Dual credit is valuable for many reasons, these reasons include:
1. Getting a head start on college courses.
2. Building a college identity
3. Receiving transfer credit
4. Potentially Saving Time to Degree

Eligibility Requirements

Students wishing to take advantage of Oregon Tech ACP must meet eligibility requirements. These requirements vary based on the class and credit being offered at the high school. Your high school teacher will advise the class on eligibility requirements for each course.
Examples of eligibility requirements are below:

  1. Be classified as a high school student and at least 14 years of age.
  2. Not yet graduated from high school.
  3. Must pass a placement test for Math courses and Writing courses.
  4. Must have B's in all high school English for Writing courses only.
  5. Meet course prerequisites (if any) for the course.

Admission & Registration Process

The application for admission and registration is your official request to be a non-admit student in the Oregon Tech Advance Credit Program. In order for the admission and registration process to be complete the following must be submitted:

  1. Complete the online application via the application button below.
  2. Have your teacher add you to the official ACP class roster.
  3. Have parent or guardian sign the parent permission form. (Should be handed out in class, but you can print it off via our website too – see attachments on the right side of webpage).
  4. Complete payment via CashNET (see instructions below) or write & mail check to Oregon Tech.  Please note students will be notified via email when their bill is ready. The Office of Academic Agreements (OAA) manually registers students for the appropriate course. Once the registration process is completed, the OAA will notify students, by email or USPS, that it is time to pay their bill.
    *See complete instruction on how to pay tuition under tuition and payment instructions.


Tuition and Payment Instructions

ACP courses are taught at the participating high school by high school instructors. This sponsorship allows Oregon Tech to reduce the normal tuition fee by a considerable amount. Cost to the participating high school student is $25 a credit. Please keep in mind due to the reduced tuition, there are no refunds.

Payment Process
Once the OAA has officially registered the student for the class, the student will be notified via email or USPS that payment is due. Students and parents have a couple of options to choose from to complete the payment process.

  1. CashNET – Oregon Tech’s online payment portal (accepts credit cards and checks)
  2. Write a check and mail to Oregon Tech(see instructions below)
  3. Fill out tuition waiver form (If a student qualifies for free and reduced lunch Oregon Tech waives the tuition for ACP. Students will need to fill out the tuition waiver form and turn it in to their teacher with the parent permission slip) – This form is under the attachments on the right-side of the webpage or you can find it  HERE!

CashNET Payment Instructions
Go to www.oit.edu and select LOGIN Pic (upper right corner). This will take you to the MyOIT portal.

  1. Under , New Student  select Online using Web for Student

     a. If you have previously accessed Web for Student, use your existing credentials
     b. If this is your first time on the Web for Student portal, please create credentials:

          i. User ID is your OWL ID (this is the 918# you received via email)
          ii. PIN is set to default as your six digit date of birth (MMDDYY)
          iii. Login
          iv.  If you have any difficulties logging in, please contact the Oregon Tech Registrar Office at
               541.885.1300, this office can assist with your login or provide your 918#.It is better to call
               after the first failed attempt, than to try multiple times and lock out your access to the
               system. If you forget your credentials, answer the security questions. THESE ANSWERS
              ARE CASE SENSITIVE

    2. Under the Student tab, select

        a. Student Records
        b. CASHNet
            i. This link will take you out of the Web for Student Portal
        c. Current term balance will be listed under Your Account
        d. Select make payment from the upper toolbar
             i. EPayments using a checking or savings account can be made for no additional charge
             ii. Credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% convenience fee
         e. If a parent or other person will be assisting in the management of account, you will need to
             set up a Benefactor account for them within CASHNet
              i. Parent PINs
              ii. Add New

Payment via Check
You can also write a check to complete the payment process. Please write the student’s name and OWL ID (918#) in the memo line and mail it to:

Oregon Tech – Cashier’s Office
3201 Campus Drive
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Have Questions? Call 541.885.1844

High School Instructors & Administrators: Please see the attached Faculty Guide to clarify roles and responsibilities vital to the long-term success of this collaborative partnership, to articulate processes, to establish eligibility criteria, and to improve communication between the high school and Oregon Tech.

Students & Parents: Please see the attached Student Guide to review the opportunities and benefits available to you through the Advance Credit Program.


Questions? Contact

Grace Rusth

Grace Rusth, Academic Partnerships Coordinator

OfficeDOW - Room E202
Carleen Drago Starr

Carleen Drago Starr, Academic Partnerships Coordinator


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