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Resource Budget Commission

The Resource Budget Commission was established in 1997 to meet unique needs within departments of Oregon Institute of Technology. In fact, funds for three critical areas were funded through the Resource Budget in previous years: campus network, computer upgrades in labs/library, and student printing.

This year the RBC has $92,000 to award and will fund student projects only.  Student projects can be academic in nature, such as junior or senior projects, annual projects (e.g., SAE Formula or Baja cars), conference travel, or other student-initiated projects.

Proposals for student projects are due January 13, 2016.  The 2015-16 RBC Proposal form is available under Resource Budget Proposal to the right.  Each proposal request should be limited to $15,000 or less.  Awards will be announced January 29, 2016 with a purchasing deadline of June 1, 2016.

Many projects that the Resource Budget Commission awards require equipment purchases and building materials.  Please note that all equipment and materials are property of Oregon Tech and are to remain on campus.
RBC Student

Proposal Process

Submit printed or electronic proposal to the Student Affairs Office by the deadline.

2015-2016 Deadline: January 13, 2016


A Commission meeting is held during Winter term to review submitted proposals. Following the Commission meeting, a letter of decision will be prepared and e-mailed to the author of each proposal. For those whose proposals are approved, instructions for purchasing will be provided.

A list of approved proposals will be provided to the Director of Purchasing/Contracts and the Purchasing Agent in the Oregon Tech Business Office to help aid in making purchases using resource funds that are required to follow the applicable procurement process based on the dollar amount.

2015-2016 Resource Budget Commission Members

Erin Foley, Chair, Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Nellie Stewart, Commission Secretary
LeAnn Maupin, Dean of Health, Arts & Sciences
Hallie Neupert, Dean of Engineering, Technology & Management
Paul Rowan, Chief Information Officer
Michelle Meyer, Interim Vice President for Finance & Administration and Director of Business Affairs
Kristen Marsters, ASOIT President (Klamath Falls)
Larissa Omura, ASOIT Administrative Affairs Officer (Klamath Falls)
Zachary Pascual, ASOIT Campus Clubs Officer (Klamath Falls)
Stacee Halvorsen, ASOIT CommunicationsOfficer (Klamath Falls)
William Warnock, ASOIT Student Affairs Officer (Wilsonville)
Sarah Haffly, Student at-large (Klamath Falls)
Paulo Vasconcelos, Student at-large (Wilsonville)

For More Information

Nellie Stewart, Executive Assistant



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Resource Budget Proposal

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