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Consortium Agreement

Under the following circumstances, the Financial Aid Office at Oregon Tech may be able to count classes you are taking at another institution toward your overall course load when determining your eligibility for financial aid:

  • You are fully admitted to a degree-granting program at Oregon Tech and are otherwise eligible for financial aid.
  • You are taking at least 6 credits at Oregon Tech.
  • The class at the other institution is 100 level or higher.
  • The class is mandatory for your degree completion.
  • The class will not be offered by Oregon Tech during the term which aid is awarded.

You must complete a Consortium Agreement (available at the Oregon Tech Financial Aid Office, our Portland Metro and Capital Center offices, and online) and attach a copy of your registration from the other institution.

Additionally, it is your responsibility to provide the Financial Aid Office at Oregon Tech with a copy of your consortium class grade report at the end of the term so we may evaluate your satisfactory academic progress. All aid for future terms will be on hold if we do not receive your grades within 30 days of the term ending.


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