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Learn the history and science behind medical imaging in MIT 103, Introduction to Medical Imaging. This is a prerequisite course for MIT programs.

Note: The Medical Imaging Department has five different imaging programs. To be eligible for admission to any of these programs, specific prerequisites must be completed. View Program Selection Criteria and other pertinent application and selection information. Please note, the MIT 103 online course referred to here is available only to students who are not on campus.

Biology 200 Medical Terminology is offered every term and is a required prerequisite for the medical imaging programs.

Intro to Medical Imaging offers an orientation to the art and science of medical imaging. In this course, we discuss history and development of radiologic science, diagnostic medical sonography, vascular technology, nuclear medicine technology, medical ethics, health care industry, related professional organizations, and regulatory agencies.

Please note several important things:

  1. You must take MIT 103 as part of the freshman year prerequisite courses.
    MIT 103 is offered every term. You should take this course if at all possible prior to the spring term before the fall you plan to enroll in the program. (ex: Take before Spring term 2013 for Fall term 2013 program admission.)

  2. These programs are in high demand and waiting until spring term to take MIT 103 presents a risk of the class filling before you can register.
    If you find yourself in this situation, contact Debbie McCollam at, but remember, all other prerequisites must also be completed by the end of that spring term for you to be eligible to apply to the program. If you will not complete all by the end of spring, you can postpone MIT 103 until summer or the next academic year.

  3. There are two separate application processes, one for admission to the MIT program of your choice, and one for admission to Oregon Tech.
    Both applications must be completed no later than spring term for the program start in the fall. Please refer to the link above for specific deadlines and other information relating to all admission processes.

Application Process

  • Apply for Non-Degree Seeking Status at Oregon Tech

  • For the non-degree seeking status, complete the Non-Degree Seeking Application and pay no application fees. This status allows you to take up to eight credit hours per term. The Online Office will process your application, register you in MIT 103 and/or BIO 200, and send you an email confirmation.

  • Pay Your Tuition and Fees

  • Please refer to Online Tuition, Fees, & Financial Aid for fees and tuition information.

    Once you are registered in MIT 103, you are fully responsible for the tuition and fees. If you need to cancel your registration, please fax a signed request to Oregon Tech Online at 541.885.1139, or email Oregon Tech does not automatically drop students from a class for any reason.

    To receive a 100% refund, you must drop your courses before the 12th calendar day of the term (2nd Friday) at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. If you drop your courses after this time, you will receive a partial refund according to the Oregon Tech refund schedule. For additional information, please view Online Costs.

  • Coordinate Your Financial Aid

  • If you are currently attending a community college, you may be able to receive financial aid to cover MIT 103 tuition and fees along with your other community college courses. To do so, inquire at your financial aid office regarding a consortium agreement with Oregon Tech. Your financial aid office can assist you in filling out the agreement and sending it to Oregon Tech for completion. Please fax consortium agreements to the Oregon Tech Financial Aid office at 541.885.1024. For additional information, contact the Financial Aid office at or call 541.885.1280.

  • Purchase Your Textbook and Materials

  • Visit The Tech Nest bookstore to purchase your books and materials online. You'll want to have your books and materials in hand before the class begins.

  • Login to Your Course(s) on the First Day of the Term

  • On the first day of the term, login to your class on Blackboard after 8:00 a.m. Pacific time.

    You should have received information about logging into Blackboard (including your Blackboard user name and password) by email at the address you indicated on your application. If you have not received this Blackboard login information in your email box by the first day of the term, email or call 541.885.1470 during regular business hours for assistance.

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