The Medical​ Imaging Technology Programmatic Application is closed.
Fall 2024 MIT application will open April 2, 2024 and close May 17, 2024.

Program Selection Criteria

These instructions (application materials are on the right sidebar of this page) are for Pre-Medical Imaging Technology (Pre-MIT) students seeking to apply and enter one of the five medical imaging programs starting in the Fall of each year. To be eligible, all prerequisite courses identified in the Pre-MIT curriculum (freshman year) must be completed successfully by the end of Spring term in the year you are applying. General education courses in pre-medical imaging technology first year curriculum map can be substituted with other equivalent credit general education courses. 

Important Changes to the Selection Criteria:

  1. Background checks, 10-panel drug screening, immunizations/titers*, and physical examination will be required after a student is accepted into a program. Externship site may require additional immunizations prior to starting externship.
  2. Course Attempts - The highest passing grade earned in each course attempt will be counted toward selection.
  3. Preference points will be given for the following Pre-MIT year courses taken through Oregon Tech. Students will receive 0.25 points per credit, with a maximum of 5 points that can be applied toward selection. Credit is given for Oregon Tech courses identified below, and only if it is the attempt that is counted toward selection.
    • BIO 231 (4 credits, 1 pt)
    • BIO 232 (4 credits, 1 pt)
    • BIO 233 (4 credits, 1 pt)
    • CHEM 101 (3 credits, 0.75 pts)
    • CHEM 104 (1 credit, 0.25 pts)
    • MATH 112 (4 credits, 1 pt)
  4. A minimum weighted GPA of 2.95 is needed to be eligible for consideration toward acceptance into a medical imaging program.
  5. Preference is given to applicants with a minimum interview score of 70%. Candidates will be scored based on their answers to interview questions along with:
    • Attire
    • Enthusiasm
    • Language skills
    • Eye contact and posture
    • Volume and pronunciation

Please review all application material prior to filling out application.

For questions regarding the submission of application material, please contact Tara Guthrie.