Are you a Night Owl?

If so, Polysomnography (PSG) might be the career choice for you. 

A college education is expensive, but this short 30-week program at one of the most affordable public universities in the nation is well worth the cost.


The structure of the PSG certificate online program through Oregon Tech is very different from your standard academic program. Since it is a technical program, it is difficult to understand the concepts without having access to the equipment and patients. Therefore, you will begin a part time clinical rotation at a sleep lab at the very beginning of the program along with your first online didactic courses. A clinical affiliation agreement with a clinical sleep lab must be in place in order for you to do a clinical rotation. PSG students may not register for online Certificate courses until a clinical affiliation agreement is in place. This may mean your entrance into the program may be delayed for a quarter or two. If we cannot find a clinical site at all, then you will not be able to enter the program. Some areas of the country are more difficult than others for securing a clinical affiliation agreement with a sleep lab.

The commitment for your clinical rotation is 180 lab hours per term, which means 20 hours per week for most of each term (usually nine of the 10 weeks each term). This usually translates into two all-night shifts per week for the first two terms of the program. (Summer term is only eight weeks, so you will do three nights during a couple weeks of summer term if you are enrolled during summer). In the last term of the program, you will most likely be on day shift for about 20 hours per week for most of the term. In total, you will need 540 clinical sleep lab hours. This is a CAAHEP accreditation requirement. *Please note that your schedule will be arranged mostly at the discretion of the sleep lab manager.

The good news is that because we are fully accredited by CAAHEP, you will be eligible to sit for your RPSGT exam upon completion of the three-term PSG Certificate program! Some sleep lab managers even offer employment to students who complete a clinical rotation in their sleep lab.

Before you begin the program, you will need to provide proof of your immunization record and have a valid CPR or BLS card. You will also need a clean background check, and complete any other on-boarding tasks required by the sleep lab.

If you need financial aid, you must apply to the Associate program, as FAFSA does not cover the Certificate program. The Financial Aid Department at Oregon Tech can help you with related questions.

If you have questions about the polysomnography program, please contact the program director.

*Please note that only the PSG Certificate program is CAAHEP accredited; not the PSG AAS degree.