Meet the Mathematics Faculty

Oregon Tech's Mathematics Faculty
Oregon Tech's Mathematics Faculty

Meet our faculty! Although we are teachers at heart, many of us have acquired practical mathematical experience through working in the "field" - helping with the statistical analysis of forest service data, developing numerical algorithms for the analysis of medical images, or solving engineering problems in signal analysis. There is a bit of math in just about any field of study, and we all enjoy talking about various applications of mathematics. Welcome to our site!

James Ballard

James Ballard

OfficeOwens Hall 144
Dibyajyoti Deb

Dibyajyoti Deb, Assistant Professor

OfficeOwens Hall 115
Jim Fischer

Jim Fischer, Professor

OfficeBoivin Hall 165
Tiernan Fogarty

Tiernan Fogarty, Professor

OfficeOwens Hall 101
David Hammond

David Hammond, Assistant Professor

OfficeWilsonville, Room 409
Cristina Negoita

Cristina Negoita, Professor

OfficeBoivin Hall 180
Randall Paul

Randall Paul, Professor

OfficeOwens Hall 126
Joe Reid

Joe Reid, Associate Professor

OfficeBoivin Hall 192
Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson

OfficeBoivin Hall 170
Terri Torres

Terri Torres, Associate Professor

OfficeBoivin Hall 178
Gregg Waterman

Gregg Waterman, Associate Professor

OfficeBoivin Hall 176