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Biology-Health Sciences

Biology-Health Sciences Degree

"I know I want to make a difference, but I'm not sure how." If this sounds like you, then a degree in Biology-Health Sciences may be a step in the right direction. Biology-Health Sciences is akin to a pre-med major at other universities. It provides intensive study and a strong foundation in the medical sciences, chemistry, physics, the social sciences, communications and mathematics.

Degree Offered

Bachelor of Science in Biology-Health Sciences


Klamath Falls

About Our Program

The degree meets most prerequisites for graduate and professional studies to pursue a career as a medical doctor, dentist, optometrist, pharmacist, physician assistant, physical therapist or veterinarian. Other students prepare for graduate school to become a biomedical researcher, biotechnologist, or educator in biology or the biomedical sciences.

The first two to three years of the curriculum also can be used as preparation for allied health programs such as Clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Imaging Technology, Respiratory Care and related fields.

Seminars offer additional opportunities for students to explore special topics of interest and to experience undergraduate contact with biomedical professionals and institutions.

Our program includes a substantial amount of chemistry coursework.  By taking just two more chemistry courses beyond what is required for their major, some of our students choose to get a Chemistry Minor, too.

Student Profile

Jesse Coleman

Jesse Coleman

Alumnus, Class of 2012

Starting Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program, Pacific NW Univ of Health Sci 2014

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For More Information

Ken Usher

Ken Usher, Health Sciences Program Director

Interested in our program, and/or in post-graduate careers in medicine?  I'll be happy to talk with you about it.