Human Interaction Minor

The Human Interaction Minor supplements Oregon Tech technical and applied science degrees and provides advanced training in communication skills. The minor offers courses in the analysis and practice of human communication in a variety of areas including interpersonal, intercultural, health, nonverbal and electronic communication. In addition, the minor allows students to practice conflict resolution, negotiation strategies, ethical communication and rhetorical analysis.

 Students in the Human Interaction Minor take all of the following:
COM 205  Intercultural Communication
COM 225 Interpersonal Communication
SPE 321 Small Group and Team Communication

 In addition, students will select three from the following list of courses:
COM 226  Nonverbal Communication
COM 301 Rhetorical Theory and Application
COM 320 Advanced Intercultural Communication
COM 346 Health Communication
COM 347 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
COM 365 Electronic Communication and Society
PHIL 331 Ethics in the Professions 

Interested? Contact:

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown, Professor