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Dr. Jay Kenton

Interim President Kenton

Welcome to Oregon Institute of Technology, also known as Oregon Tech! We offer a wide range of in-demand engineering, technology, healthcare, management, communication, renewable energy and applied-science degrees that are the first step in building a successful career path, benefiting our graduates for a lifetime. As the Pacific Northwest’s premier public polytechnic university, Oregon Tech provides a high return on investment for our students, who boast the highest starting salaries of any university in Oregon at $54,000 a year, and are working in top industries and in exciting small business and entrepreneurial ventures across the state, nation, and world.

We are a strong, student-focused university with campuses in Klamath Falls in southern Oregon; Wilsonville in the Portland-Metro area; an Online campus accessible by students anywhere in the world; a collaborative program in Salem at Chemeketa Community College (Dental Hygiene); and degrees offerings in Seattle, Washington at a specially designed program exclusively for Boeing employees.

Oregon Tech has a number of assets that bring great value to students during their time here, and throughout a graduate’s career. A few of our kudos include:

  • An applied, hands-on and multidisciplinary education to make sure that students know how to work, innovate and solve real-world problems through internships, externships, and projects in the field while they are at Oregon Tech.
  • Oregon Tech has an almost 90% success rate of graduates getting work in their fields of choice or enrolling in graduate school within six months of earning their degree.
  • With a student-to-faculty ratio of approximately 20:1, professors and support staff take the time to get to know students and make a personal connection, and investment, in each student’s progression towards a degree.
  • Our learning style is guided by a curriculum in which students take risks, learn from them, and in the process, experiment, invent, and reach new levels of knowledge, skills, and “on-the-job,” real-world experiences.
  • Our faculty have industry experience and maintain connections so that students are learning the current skills and knowledge that will enable them to hit the ground running when they enter the work world after graduation.

Oregon Tech is different...in many positive ways. Our students are smart, focused on success in their degree field, and reach the highest levels of accomplishment while they are here, and after they graduate. We have a strong focus on student success, both while they are enrolled and after they graduate and enter the workforce or graduate study.

If you are already enrolled as a student, welcome to Oregon Tech and please seek out academic or other types of support if you need it. We have many on-campus and remote support resources here to meet the diverse needs of our full- and part-time students. If you’re just visiting us for the first time and are considering Oregon Tech, we encourage you to visit us in person if you are seeking an on-campus experience, and ask to talk with a faculty member, a current student or an alum and we’ll arrange that for you. Additionally, all of our online degree programs are designed to fit the lifestyle of first-time students, those continuing their education, or professionals looking for career advancement. We are invested in each of our student’s success and are here to help every graduate reach the highest levels of success while in college and in their field.


Go Hustlin’ Owls!

Dr. Jay Kenton
Interim President
Oregon Tech