The purpose of this policy is to define the scope and contents of the Shaw Historical Library collections, and to establish standards to ensure consistency in the appraisal, selection, accessioning, and deaccessioning of materials.


I.  Introduction

The Shaw Historical Library is located on the Klamath Falls campus of Oregon Institute of Technology and is a department within the Oregon Institute of Technology Libraries. The collection of the Shaw Library, including the Shaw Historical Library journal, is owned by the Oregon Tech Foundation, of which the Library is an affiliate. It is funded by an endowment administered by the Oregon Tech Foundation.

The Library was established as a reading room in 1983 with a donation of historical books, documents and funds from Dorothy and Laurence Shaw of Klamath Falls. Since then it has grown by donations and purchases of materials in various formats to approximately 3,000 books, 2,000 maps, 700 audio and video materials, and 7,000 photographic prints and negatives. It also includes works of art, manuscripts, and an oral history collection. The Library collection remains noncirculating.