General Rules of Use of the Historical Archive

  • No materials belonging to the Shaw Historical Library may be removed from the premises.
  • All patrons and visitors are required to register before using library materials and show appropriate identification (any official identification with photograph).
  • Patrons may not eat or drink in the Shaw Historical Library.
  • Backpacks, bags, briefcases, purses, and other materials not essential to work are to be left in a designated area. Computers may be used if computer cases are checked in.
  • Patrons may use only pencils. Pens are not permitted.
  • Photocopying of materials is possible through request. Photocopying may be limited for preservation or copyright reasons.
  • Inform the library staff if materials are found to be out of order, misdated, or in need of repair.

Using Book Collections

  • Books must be read at a table with the spine of the book supported.
  • Be careful not to exert pressure on books by resting an arm on the books or by writing notes on top of books.
  • Turn pages carefully to avoid damage.

Using Manuscript Collections

  • Only one box may be opened at a time.
  • All materials must be maintained in the order in which they were found. Remove one file at a time and use place markers.
  • Documents should not be removed from folders.
  • Do not place writing paper over materials when taking notes.
  • Turn pages in a manner that will not tear or bend them. Place pencils down when turning pages.
  • Items the patron wishes to have photocopied should be marked with a placeholder before the item or folder to be copied.
  • Guidelines for citing manuscript materials are available from library staff.
  • The guidelines should always be followed in footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies citing Shaw Historical Library manuscript materials.
  • Permission to examine manuscripts and photocopies of materials are not authorization to publish the materials. Requests for permission to publish must be made separately on forms provided for that purpose.

Using Image Collections

  • Cotton gloves (provided by the library) should be worn when handling all photographs.
  • Only one photograph should be removed from its sleeve at a time.
  • The order of the photographs in the box should be maintained.
  • Photographic reproduction is available upon request. Policies and request forms for photographic reproduction are available from library staff.