Book Descriptions

The Shaw Historical Library Book Collection includes approximately 3,000 volumes which can be accessed via the Oregon Tech Library Online Catalog.

These books are not for loan and will need to be used onsite.


Collection Descriptions

The Shaw Historical Library detailed descriptions for collections are found on the Archives West website. Please provide the title of the collection, the series (if there is one), the box, the file, and/or the item information, so that we will be able to find and scan the item(s) for you. the number of scans that we may provide depends on any copyright or intellectual property rights that may apply and is limited to 10. For a full list of these collections click here.


Shaw Oral History Project

The Shaw is now placing some of our oral history collection online. This includes interviews both of people who went to school at Oregon Tech and people who have lived in the Klamath Basin. You can listen to them here.


Research Guides

Shaw librarians highlight specific subjects and collections via Research Guides. The Guides can serve as a fist step for researchers to become aware of what the Shaw Historical Library has to offer.


Donating Materials

Thinking about donating something to the Shaw Historical Library? Then check out this page which will give you the information you need on donations.