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Oral History:

Interview#: OH019
Interviewee: Cheewa James
Interviewer: Barbara Ditman
Date: 11/5/2010
Location: Shaw Historical Library
Length: 1:20:05
Subjects: Native American, Modoc    

Time Index
0:00 - 12:00 Introduction; Family History.
12:01 - 20:39 Her father, the first Native American professional basketball player; Native American school; her mother.
20:40 - 23:54 Cheewa's education.
23:55 - 26:35 Children (David James, Todd Bryce) and grand children.
26:36 - 29:45 Careers; Writing.
29:46 - 31:33 Tennis, skiing, and dancing.
31:34 - 39:36 Writing a history of the Modoc War.
39:37 - 45:37 The Modocs of Oklahoma.
45:38 - 51:16 The Lava Beds National Monument.
51:17 - 54:29 The Modoc War Symposium in 1988.
54:30 - 58:50 Her family members' relationships with the Oklahoma and Klamath Falls tribes.
58:51 - 59:40 The possible separation of some Oregon Modoc from the Klamath tribe.
1:00:30 - 1:20:05 Researching, speaking about, and writing her book.
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