Oral History:

Interview#: OH026
Interviewee: Don Hagglund
Interviewer: Craig Ditman
Date: 12/21/2011
Location: Unknown
Length: 1:25:04
Subjects: Ranching, Running Y   

Time Index
0:00 - 1:47 Introductions.
1:47 - 2:29 Don Hagglund tells of growing up in California, and especially and his early ranching experiences.
2:29 - 6:06 Don's work eperience on California's huge Tejon Ranch.
6:06 - 21:06 Don's connection with Roy Disney and the Running Y Ranch begins. (Don arrives in Klamath Falls, bringing his family, in June of 1976).
21:06 - 29:15 Disney Board situation with Michael Eisner.
29:15 - 32:18 Development of good cattle herd at the Running Y.
32:18 - 35:45 Grass production at the Running Y.
35:45 - 41:09 Don and horses.
41:09 - 45:20 Ranch changes during the Jeld-Wen purchasing process.
45:20 - 56:51 Craig asks for the history of the Running Y and introduces a "photo mosaic" of the whole ranch, which is then used by Craig and Don in this interview, but which is not available to us as listener. Don tells primary importance of water in the development of Running Y.
56:51 - 57:50 The Geary brothers as pioneers and major early developers of the Running Y.
57:50 - 1:04:40 Crops grown on the Running Y.
1:04:40 - 1:09:35 Crops grown on the Running Y.
1:09:35 - 1:11:25 Crops grown on the Running Y.
1:11:25 - 1:14:12 Grass as an important crop.
1:14:12 - 1:15:07 Grass as an important crop.
1:15:07 - 1:18:00 Reference to Wendolen Nus.
1:18:25 - 1:21:43 Water rights, Running Y history and settlement.
1:21:43 - 1:22:32 Reference to McCornack and Hunt families as pertaining to Running Y history.
1:22:32 - 1:25:04 Don discusses his children and other family members.
PIcture of Don Hagglund


Audio recording

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