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Testing Services

Provide a secure, equitable and professional testing environment that adheres to the standards and guidelines of both Oregon Institute of Technology and the National College Testing Association.

testing services

Who We Are

Testing Services serves the Oregon Tech community for all testing needs with trained student proctors as well as providing a secure, quiet testing center.

Services Provided

  • Make-Up Testing
  • ACT Testing
  • Placement Testing
  • Reduced Distraction Testing rooms
  • Proctored Online Exams
  • Testing for external organizations and other educational institutions
  • Other testing as requested

Contact Us

Grace Rusth, Coordinator of Testing Services

OfficeLRC 229A

Testing Services

OfficeLRC 230

Hours of Operation

*Effective immediately, Testing Services will close daily at 5pm.


8am – 5pm


8am – 5pm


8am – 5pm


8am – 5pm


8am – 5pm