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General Circulation Information

How do I check out materials?

In Klamath Falls, materials may be checked out at the Access Services desk on the first floor of the LRC.

In Wilsonville, materials may be checked out from the student assistant or the librarian. 

How do I renew materials?

Most materials may be renewed by signing in to the Oregon Tech catalog  with your Oregon Tech Username and Password then going to My Account (button on the upper right).

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials, to renew make a request to the Access Services desk 3 days prior to the due date unless no renewal is noted on the book band around the cover, then the materials cannot be renewed.

Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit) materials may not be renewed

How long may I check out materials?


Check Out Period

Audio Cassettes

4 weeks


4 weeks for students & staff -- 6 months for faculty

Government Documents

4 weeks

Interlibrary Loan Books (ILL)


Magazines, Journals, & Newspapers (not current)

3 days


4 weeks

USGS Topo Maps

1 day

Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit) Materials

6 weeks


4 weeks

Senior Projects

4 weeks

Student Technical Reports

4 weeks

Library Material Not For Check Out:

The following items are for in library use only:

  • Electronic Catalogs
  • Current Magazines & Newspapers
  • Microfiche & Microforms
  • Reference Books
  • Reserve Books, including Oregon Tech catalogs on Reserve

What are the overdue fines?


Overdue Fines

OIT Books

$0.25 per Day/max. $10 per item

OIT 2 Hour Reserves

$0.25 per Hour/max. $10 per item

OIT 1 or 7 Day Reserves/Special Loans

$1.00 per Day/ max. $10 per item

OIT Recalled Items

$1.00 per Day/max. $10 per item

OIT Magazines, Journals & Newspapers

$1.00 per Day/max. $10 per item

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

$1.00 per Day per item

Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit)

$1.00 per Day per item

What happens if I lose something?


Lost Item Fees

OIT Materials

Replacement charge (min. $20) + $20 service charge + any overdue charges

Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit) Materials

Replacement charge ($75) + $15 service charge + any overdue charges

Interlibrary Loan Materials

Replacement charge determined by lending library + $15 service charge + any overdue charges


Where do I return materials?

In Klamath Falls: Items may be returned to the Access Services desk on the 1st floor of the LRC.
If the library is closed items may be placed in the outside Book Drop, located at the NE corner of the LRC building, nearest the Athletics Building. Items placed in the outside book drop after hours (or during closed periods) will NOT be processed until the following business day.

In Wilsonville
: Items may be returned in the library to the book return on desk, or to the librarian. 
If the library is closed items may be given to the Student Services office in room 130.
There is no outside drop box at this time. If the building is closed, please keep the material and return it at a later date.

Who may check out materials?

The following groups may check out materials:

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