Yes. Oregon Tech students, staff, and faculty can access the library's electronic resources from off-campus and will be prompted to sign in (with their OIT username and password) when clicking on links to library databases, articles, and other electronic resources. Users may also sign in via the library catalog.

On a library desktop computer, open your document and select the "Print" option. Select the "Follow Me" printer in the printer list and click "Print". Log into any of the library's printers by swiping your OIT ID card, or typing in your 918 or OIT username & password to release your print job(s).

Community Printing

Community users of the Oregon Tech library (Klamath Falls) may print materials with the assistance of library staff. Printing costs are $.10/page (black & white/grayscale) and $.35/page (color) and paid via punch card. Punch cards can be purchased from the Cashier’s Office in Snell Hall 116 and are available in $1, $5, and $10 denominations. When printing, community users will present their punch card to library staff who will mark it to reflect the remaining print balance. No community user printing services are available at Portland-Metro Library.

Yes. Open your device's wireless settings and select either the Tech-Student or Tech-Staff network. You will be prompted to log in, and can do so using your OIT credentials. Guests on campus can use the Tech-Guest network.

Wireless printing is available at select printers on the Portland-Metro campus.

1. Go to: webprint.oit.edu
2. Sign in with your TECHweb credentials
3. Select Web Print on the left
4. Click on: Submit a Job>>
5. Choose: otk-print-01\Follow Me printer (virtual)
6. Click on: Print Options and Account Selection
7. Enter the number of copies
8. Click on: Upload Document>>
9. Find the document you wish to print     (.pdf,.doc,.docx,.ppt,.pptx,.xls,.xlsx)
10. Click on: Upload & Complete>>
11. Go to a printer and release the print job as usual

Make certain that you have chosen either the Tech-Student or Tech-Staff WiFi network, and that you are logged into the library's webpage. If you still can't access our databases, please contact us at libtech@oit.edu.

Don’t worry, we're here to help! See the many contact options here to contact a librarian specific to your area of study, or call or stop by the Help Desk to ask any questions you might have.

In a very few cases, we may have copies of textbooks that circulate like traditional books in our collection. In other cases, your instructor may put a copy of a textbook into the library's Course Reserve collection. Course Reserve materials are intended for in-library use only and check out for two hours at a time. Most students use Course Reserve materials to study in the library, or to scan relevant sections for later use. 

Check the library catalog for a title or ask a staff member if your textbook is available to borrow.  

The Tech Nest bookstore sells course-related texts.

The Library has a variety of fiction materials in the main stacks which are generally denoted by call numbers that begin with the letter P. There is also a "Popular Reading" section near the Mezzanine which has a variety of fiction, science fiction, mystery, and non-fiction materials for general reading.

The library also houses a Book Share in the LRC Lobby. These books may be used and returned without checking them out. The Klamath County Library also has a large fiction and popular reading collection.

The library catalog is a good general place to start searching. You can also check our list of subject-specific Research Guides for tips about finding the most useful databases, contact information for Subject Librarians, and more helpful information. 

Look for a Journal information or About page that can be found in many of our online databases, such as EBSCOhost. These pages will tell you if a journal is scholarly or peer reviewed.

Enter the name of the article in our library catalog to see if we subscribe to that journal. In most cases, if the library does subscribe to a particular journal, you will see "Full Text Available" in the search results, which you can click to access the article. 

Even if we don’t subscribe, there are multiple ways in which library staff may be able to get the article from another library

If these options fail-- or if time is of the essence-- you may also be able to use Article Galaxy Scholar to purchase the article using library funds. For a detailed description of how to use Article Galaxy Scholar, see our guide here

Try to look at who wrote the information, if they are affiliated with any organization or have special knowledge or expertise.

See if you can determine when it was written and published. Check to make sure the links are not broken.

Determine what the purpose of the site is, how the information is written, and who it may be written for.

Check for bibliographic citations, links to other sites, or other means for you to verify information on the site. Look for any errors in the information given, or misspellings.

If you are still unsure, you can contact your Subject Librarian with further questions. 

Try checking your citation against our guides or ask us.
Guides include: APA - Chicago - MLA - IEEE - CSE - Vancouver - AMA

Klamath Falls: materials may be checked out at the Access Services desk on the first floor of the LRC. 

Portland-Metro: materials may be checked out from the student assistant or the librarian. 

For Oregon Tech students, the check-out limit is 100. For Oregon Tech staff and faculty the check-out limit is 300. The check-out limit for local high school students and community borrowers is 10 items.


Check Out Period


4 weeks for students -- 3 months for faculty & staff


7 days, one renewal

Equipment (Laptops, calculators, etc.)Varies

Government Documents

4 weeks

Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit) Materials

12 weeks + one 6-week renewal for books; 6 days + one 6-day renewal for DVDs or periodicals

Interlibrary Loan Books (ILL)


Senior Projects

4 weeks

Student Technical Reports

4 weeks

Library Material Not For Check Out:

The following items are for in library use only:

  • Course Reserve Books (including Oregon Tech catalogs on Reserve)
  • Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, & Newspapers)
  • Reference Books
  • Microfiche & Microforms
  • Electronic Catalogs
Most materials may be renewed by signing in to the library catalog with your Oregon Tech username and password, then clicking on your name (displayed on upper right corner of page) and selecting "My Library Card" to see your loan item(s) and request renewal(s).   

Summit (Orbis Cascade Alliance) materials may be renewed once for an additional 6 weeks if print material, or 6 days if audiovisual material. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials: to renew, make a request at the Access Services desk 5 days prior to the due date. If "No Renewal(s)" is noted on the ILL book band around the cover, then the materials cannot be renewed.

Klamath Falls: items may be returned to the Access Services desk on the 1st floor of the LRC. 
If the library is closed, items may be placed in the outside book drop located next to the side entrance at the NE corner of the LRC building (nearest to the TechRec). Items placed in the book drop after hours (or during closed periods) will NOT be processed until the following business day.

Portland-Metro: items may be returned in the library to the book return on desk, or to the librarian.
If the library is closed, items may be given to the Student Services office in room 130.
There is no outside drop box at this time. If the building is closed, please keep the material and return it at a later date.


Overdue Fines

OIT 2 Hour Reserves

$0.25 per Hour/ max. $10 per item

OIT 1 or 7 Day Reserves/Special Loans

$1.00 per Day/ max. $10 per item

OIT Recalled Items

$1.00 per Day/ max. $10 per item

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

$1.00 per Day per item

Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit)

$1.00 per Day per item


Lost Item Fees

OIT Materials

Replacement charge (min. $20) + $20 service charge

Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit) Materials

Replacement charge ($75) + $15 service charge + any overdue charges

Interlibrary Loan Materials

Replacement charge determined by lending library + $15 service charge + any overdue charges


Replacement cost of the laptop (varies by model)

All fines should be paid at the Oregon Tech Cashier's Office on the first floor of Snell Hall in Klamath Falls, Room 130 on the Portland-Metro Campus, or through Transact Payments.

The library can assist you in determining the reason for the fines, but the Cashier's Office handles all financial transactions. 

If you believe that fines have been assessed in error, please contact the library's Access Services Manager.

The LRC is the Learning Resources Center, the building that houses the Oregon Tech Library on the first floor, as well as Career Services, Disability Services, Testing Services, and the TOP Program on the second floor. Also on the second floor is the Shaw Historical Library. The Library administration office is on the second floor, room LRC 216. The Library also provides student study areas on both floors.

For Microsoft office products such as Word or Excel, try the Microsoft 365 Training page

You can also try searching the library's Online Catalog for resources, or use the O'Reilly for Higher Education page to access hundreds of free software- and programming-related tutorial courses. 

Currently the library is not set-up for student faxing, but students can get assistance with faxing at the Dean of Students' office.

Library Reference and Research Services