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Campus History Digital Collection 
A digital collection of material related to Oregon Institute of Technology. 

Crater Lake Digital Research Collection 
A digital collection of Crater Lake Park-related materials for researchers, educators, and others. This is a collaborative project between the Oregon Institute of Technology Library and Crater Lake National Park.

Geo-Heat Digital Library 
A digital collection of documents on geothermal energy. This is a collaborative project between the Oregon Institute of Technology Library and the Geo-Heat Center.

GLO Survey Notes Mapping 
This project is comprised of General Land Office original public land survey notes manually transcribed onto the respective U.S. Geological Survey topographic 7.5' quadrangle maps. These notes contain valuable information regarding site conditions at the time of the survey, mid 1800s- early 1900s.

IdeaFest Student Project Symposium

The IdeaFest or Student Project Symposium is an annual event held at both the Klamath Falls and Portland Metro campuses to showcase student projects. This collection houses the digital projects and artifacts from the years 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Klamath Project Annual Histories: Oregon-California 
The annual project histories included in the Klamath Waters Digital Library are digitized versions of the histories published by the U.S. Bureau or reclamation from 1903-1964. These histories provide descriptions of the project management.

Klamath Waters Digital Library 
A digital library of information related to water issues in the Klamath watershed. 

Oral Histories 
A collection of audio recordings with transcripts of people of interest in the Klamath Basin and from Oregon Institute of Technology. 

Oregon Tech Thesis and Master Project Collection 
Masters students may complete theses or masters projects as part of their degree. This collection offers documents produced in the following programs: Civil Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Renewable Energy Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Oregon Tech Student Capstone Projects 
Many of the programs at Oregon Tech require a student capstone project. Students must also complete a detailed report on their project. This collection provides access to some of these capstone projects dating to 2009.

The Owler, a student yearbook, provides a written and photographic record of campus academics and student activities. The University identity changed from Oregon Technical Institute to Oregon Institute of Technology in 1974. Yearbooks are available online from 1951 to 1983 excluding 1981 and 1982. 

Student Newspapers 
The student newspaper has undergone various name changes since 1947.The Owl (1947), The Miler (1948 - 1982), Newspaper (1984), TechTalk (1984 -1988) and then The Edge (1988 to current). Starting September 30, 1988, intermittent issues named The Ledge began, known as the "Joke Issue".


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The Crater Lake, Klamath Waters, and Klamath Project Annual Histories were supported in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Oregon State Library.